I didn’t use the Baby Balm until my third little one was born.  Dr. Bronner’s wasn’t making it yet when Number 1 was born, and with Number 2, I just had no idea what was going on anywhere outside my nursery.  Rather gloomy days.   However, now I know!

All those adorable, kissable baby chubs come at a cost.  Those deep creases that never see the light of day get such an angry red.  Enter Baby Balm!  I apply the Baby Balm right after a bath and rub it in to those persistent streaks in the neck, behind the ears (where it gets a little crusty, too), under the arms, and of course on the  bottom.  This is a really good preventative measure that cuts back on the need for strong intervention after a raging rash breaks out.

Plus, since the Balm is completely unscented, nothing covers up that wonderful baby smell.  I’m enjoying the baby smell so much more this third time around than in the past.  I think one of the main reasons is that the smell was drowned previously by those heavily scented conventional baby products.  But there is simply nothing better for the heart than having my sleeping baby on my shoulder and getting to breathe her in.

I realize all this may be, well, obvious based on the name of the product, but so much of what I will write about is the versatility of the products.  While there are other uses for the Baby Balm (such as removing wedding rings before labor) the use for which it was originally intended is especially terrific.  I will also point out that the ingredients are completely understandable and if your little one ever does decide to taste test the products in your nursery (as my first born did), there’s no need to call Poison Control for this one.

Final note, you may notice that the Naked Balm and the Baby Balm are exactly the same.  So, pick your favorite color!