If you tried out my method to clean exterior windows, I have great news for you. Cleaning interior windows and mirrors is simpler. Since interior glass is usually not as dirty, there is not the need to wash the windows first with the Sal Suds or Castile soap. Generally, interior glass is dirty with dust and water spots. So all you need is the Club Soda or Vinegar spray, a squeegee, and a microfiber cloth.

The main exception to this advice is if you have mirrors or glass that hands often touch. In my house, this is primarily my children’s closet doors, which are mirrored. Handprints are grease. They need soap or detergent to remove. For these instances, I spray the handprints with my Sal Suds spray (castile spray would work, too), and wipe it away with a microfiber cloth. Then, I proceed with the Club Soda or Vinegar spray and squeegee.

Last note: Do not clean the inside of windows when the sun is shining through them. They will be too warm. The sun will evaporate the spray before you have a chance to squeegee it away, and you will end up with streaks.


  • Glass Cleaner: Pure, undiluted Club Soda in a spray bottle. (An alternative is a vinegar dilution of 1 c. vinegar and water in a quart spray bottle.)
  • A good quality squeegee
  • A microfiber cloth
  • For handprints: Sal Suds spray and a separate microfiber cloth