Today was floor mopping day. My floors are tile and get really, really dirty – with three kids, three dogs at the moment, and a backyard full of dirt. Biased though I be, Sal Suds is still the absolute best at getting hard surface floors clean.

Mop Floors With Sal Suds

I don’t have all that much explanation here. Mop with Sal Suds. There’s nothing better. It is so effective, requires so little product, and leaves no cloying aftersmell and no residue. I add ½ Tbsp. of Sal Suds for my whole house. (Seriously – that’s it! More is NOT better in this case – You will be rinsing bubbles off your floor for the rest of the week if you go overboard here.) In my early days in this house, I made the job much more difficult by underestimating the power of Sal Suds. I added way too much to the mop water. I think my record number of needed rinses was 6, and I ended up swabbing the floor with beach towels to clean up the bubbles.

Special Tip:
I often add 20 drops of pure Tea Tree essential oil (not the castile soap – just the oil) to the water for some extra antibacterial power.

The fancy trick is to fill the bucket with water first and then add the Sal Suds. If you add the Sal Suds while filling the bucket, it will overflow with bubbles. I dunk the mop in the bucket a couple times, wring it out pretty well and mop with it. Unless you’ve added too much Sal Suds, there is no need to go over the floors again.

So what do you do if you get a little happy with the Sal Suds bottle? Either call it a day and invite the neighbors over for a bubble party, or go over the floor with a dry mop to soak up as many bubbles as you can. Then, go over the floor with a vinegar rinse – about 1 gallon of water and 1 cup of vinegar. The vinegar smell will disappear after it dries.