If you haven’t had a chance to test the full range of Dr. Bronner’s scents, you may be missing out on your favorite. I am well aware that I have the advantage of having the complete line of products at my fingertips, but in a sense, you do too. Our webstore is available and offers free shipping with a minimum order of $20. You can order the range of 2 oz. bottles to try them all out. I almost exclusively use the liquid, but that is only a matter of personal preference. My husband and son both like the bars for body and hair. For the ones I use the most, I keep a gallon on hand to refill my 8 oz. bottles.

So here’s all the fragrances and where you’d find them in my house:*

  • Almond: My shower. This is my all around favorite. I use this in the shower for my hair and body. It is also in my bathroom’s foaming pump dispensers.
  • Tea Tree: All bathrooms and Laundry room. I use this on my face since I have acne prone skin. Works fabulously to clear up problem skin. I also use it in my kids’ foaming pump dispensers for its extra antibacterial boost. It’s mostly what I use in my all purpose spray and bathroom cleaners.
  • Citrus: Kitchen and Laundry Room! This is my second favorite scent after the almond. I love this in my kitchen foaming pump dispenser. It also is great for cleaning my stainless steel kitchen sink. And if I ever ran out of the almond, I would use this in the shower. I use the citrus in the laundry when I run out of Sal Suds, and it’s my back up for the Tea Tree in my all purpose spray and bathroom cleaners.
  • Peppermint: Bathroom cabinet. It’s a little strong for my every day shower, but great after a hot day working in the yard. We use it on the dogs, too.
  • Eucalyptus: Bathroom cabinet. This is a back-up for the tea tree. Before we made the tea tree, this was the best soap for problem skin, and what I would use on my face if I ran out of tea tree. Also used on the dogs.
  • Lavender: Kid’s bathroom. It’s their primary bath soap because it smells great (it’s a spicy smell more than a floral smell) and is calming in the evenings before bedtime.
  • Rose: Guest bath. It’s a little sweet for me, but it makes a really welcoming guest soap.
  • Baby Mild: Kid’s bathroom. In the wintertime their skin gets super chapped. The extra olive oil in the Baby Mild is very soothing and healing. When my baby was a newborn, this is what I used for bathtime until I knew her skin was not sensitive to the lavender. I also use for my insecticidal soap spray since it doesn’t flavor the herbs and vegetables.

*Disclaimer: These are my preferences only! I know I’m in the vast minority with my Peppermint opinion since it’s our number one selling product by far! Feel free to share your preferences and what you use them for.